Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

QuickMow is an Australian business and as such we comply with all privacy matters detailed in the Australian Federal Privacy Act 1988 .
For more information visit the Australian Government Office of Privacy Commissioner

At Quickmow (ABN 81695116096), take all available avenues in the protection of your privacy.
Under normal circumstances it can be expected that, whether our communication occurs through our website
by telephone, email or any other type of communication, your personal information will at all times be kept strictly
confidential. Quickmow may be contacted by telephone anytime
at (07) 3067 7005 or by mail at Suite 21031 / QuickMow, PO Box 16, Nobby Beach, 4218, QLD.


For email communications, your email address will only be used to in discussion of the particular job
on which you initially contacted us, and for occasional company updates. Your email address will never
be shared with third parties nor used in any manner other than  that in which you originally contacted us.


The material provided in this web site is intended only as a source of information and advice and any i
nterpretation or use is the responsibility of the user. If any products or trade names are mentioned it is
for informational purposes only and should not be seen or interpreted as a sponsorship or recommendation
of that product. Further, any omissions of products that we may use are unintentional. Quickmow disclaims
all responsibility for any loss or damage caused in any form or manner because of the application of any
product mentioned on our website.

Parties affected by this Privacy Policy Applies

Information collected about businesses, whether or not businesses in direct competition with Quickmow,
is not covered by this privacy policy. It does, however, apply to individuals under the employ of those
businesses if such information is retained by Quickmow.

This Privacy Policy applies to all forms of information collected by Quickmow, whether documentary,
electronic, or of any other kind or nature whatsoever.

If an individual for any reason provides personal information of someone other than themselves, they
warrant and represent that they have that person’s consent to provide such information. If they believe
said third dperson could possibly engage in any unlawful behavior or other misconduct that could
detrimentally effect Quickmow, they agree to immediately notify Quickmow of the same.

Information we might collect

Some information of our customers or any other individuals that use our website in the course of
ordinary business may be collected. This includes the individual’s name, address, telephone number,
birthday, family details and nationality, however this list is without limitation.

In order to contact said individual, in addition to telephone numbers, we may collect fax numbers,
email addresses, business and other postal addresses and any other useful information provided to
us in order to help facilitate contact with the individual.

In order to facilitate payment for services rendered, we may collect financial information of the individual.
This includes, without limitation, credit card numbers or any other banking information the individual
provides us in in order to facilitate services.

Any other information the individual sends us in any manner whatsoever is covered under the terms
of this Privacy Policy.

How information is collected

The substantial majority of information collected by Quickmow will be as a result of the individual’s
request for services. Information related to a person’s business activities as well as public records
or information collected as a result of any advertising activity on the part of Quickmow may also be collected.

This also includes any individual that provides us with any products or services.

Where we obtain an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent, it will
be destroyed as soon as it becomes evident that such a situation has occurred in accordance with
Australian Privacy Laws and Principles.

When Personal Information May or Might be Used.

In general, the circumstances under which an individual’s personal information might be used shall
be dictated by the manner in which the personal information was collected, and will never be used
in a manner inconsistent with that purpose.

If for any reason Quickmow is required to make disclosures of personal information to third parties,
it will only do so if in compliance with Australian Privacy Standards.

We will never disclose any individual’s information to any entity outside of Australia that is not
subject to Australian Privacy Standards, unless Privacy Standards substantially similar to those
of Australia have been implemented. If such a disclosure is made, it will not be done unless that
entity has provided in writing that such information will be protected in a manner consistent with
the principles of the Australian Privacy Standards.

How We Keep Your Personal Information Safe

We will take all precautions necessary under the Australian Privacy Standards to keep your personal
information safe. All information will be kept in secured facilities or in properly secured electronic fashion.

Because of the insecure nature of the internet all individuals providing us with personal information
via the internet does so at their own risk. While Quickmow uses proper secure standards and
protocols, including SSL encryption, is sometimes subject to losses outside of Quickmow’s control,
and any personal information lost in such a manner is outside of the responsibility of Quickmow.

Quickmow is not responsible for disclosure of any personal information to a third party where
Quickmow was legally required to or authorized to under Australian Privacy Standards.

Upon request by the individual, Quickmow agrees to provide the individual with all personal
information it has on record within 30 days of the date the individual makes the request.

Contacting Individuals

From time to time Quickmow may contact individuals to provide updates to services as well
as to notify the individual of any changes to the Terms and Conditions or changes to this Privacy Policy.
The individual may not opt out of these communications.

If an individual ever has a dispute or complaint in the manner or nature in which we use or disclose
their personal information, they should direct that complaint immediately to Quickmow using the
contact information outlines at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.


Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is the property of Quickmow, and may not
be reproduced without prior permission. For further information pertaining to all copyright privileges
claimed by Quickmow please refer to our website Terms and Conditions.

Quickmow reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy without notice to any individual
subject to the terms therein.

Complaints and further information

If you wish additional information or have any issues with this privacy policy please contact QuickMow at reserves the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy at any time.
QuickMow recommends users regularly monitor and review this policy to remain informed